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Rewards Program

Valued Customer,

Become a Seminole Stores Rewards Program member today. To be part of this successful program, sign up at your local Seminole Store for great Stores Rewards!

Signing up is SIMPLE, just fill out a short form in the store to become a participant. The phone number you supply will be your Rewards Program Identification Number.

How Your Seminole Stores Rewards Program Works:

  • At the Seminole Store – As a Rewards Program participant, just tell the clerk your Rewards Program Identification Number (phone number) for all purchases. When you use the Rewards Program, you will receive savings on the monthly specials and add to your total purchases for the quarterly rebate.
  • Quarterly Rebate 
    • Quarterly purchases (3 consecutive calendar months) – Are added together for your total quarterly purchases. All calculations will begin at the beginning of each quarter.
    • A $250.00 minimum total quarterly purchase is required to become eligible for the rebate, through a Seminole Stores Gift Card.
    • Participants who sign up in the middle of a quarter will be eligible for the monthly advantage buys, and rebate calculations will begin the following quarter.

Rebates are as follows:
$250 – $500 = $10
$501 – $750 = $15
$751 – $1,000= $20
$1,001 – $1,250 = $25
$1,251 – $1,500 = $30
$1,501 – $1,750 = $35
$1,751 – $2,000 = $40
$2,001 – $2,500 = $45
> $2,501 & Up = $50 Plus

Please allow 3 business days for your Rewards Program to become active. Seminole Stores Reward Program not to be combined with any other discounts or specials. Seminole Stores holds all rights to discontinue or alter the program at anytime. All personal information of participants will not be sold or released to other companies. This is a Seminole Stores Rewards Program, only valid at one of the three retail locations (Ocala, 40-West, Belleview).

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