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Why Low Starch Seminole Wellness® Horse Feed?

Research shows that low-starch horse feeds are a better choice for minimizing the risk of hyperactivity, laminitis, colic, tying-up, developmental orthopedic diseases and metabolic disorders commonly associated with diets high in non-structural carbohydrates.
Seminole Feed began analyzing the benefits of low-starch feeds in the early 1990’s and introduced the first high-quality, low-starch horse feeds into the American market in 1996, nearly a decade ahead of the competition.Seminole Wellness® horse feeds are made with unique blends of highly digestible fiber sources such as beet pulp and soy bean hulls for ease of digestibility.

Beneficial nutrients and additives in Seminole Wellness® horse feeds include:

Flax seed and soy oil, sources of omega 3 & 6 fatty acids that are added for hair coat and health benefits

Yeast Culture for improved fiber digestion, palatability & nutrient availability

Biotin, Methionine & Zinc promote hoof health

Antioxidants, Vitamin E and Selenium Yeast are included for immune system support

Pro-Tect, a proprietary blend of prebiotics and adsorbents, is added for immune system and digestive health

Ultra Bloom® stabilized rice bran & ground flax seed are included to provide essential omega 3 & 6 fatty acids for improved coat and body condition

Chelated trace minerals are added for better absorption of nutrients

Seminole Wellness® Feeds are the best choice for reducing the risk of nutritionally related health & behavioral problems that result from high-starch diets

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